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How to create a music video on a small budget

Written By: Justin Wonsly

Songwriting is my passion, I think about songwriting so much that I end up actually sitting down and writing songs in my dreams sometimes, which is super handy because when I wake up I have a whole new song finished. But like most creative people, I’ve also explored other art forms. I’ve worked as an actor, and I have an art-direction degree. So maybe it was inevitable that I would eventfully combine all these things into my pursuit of directing music videos. But originally it wasn’t me who first decided I should direct music videos, it took someone else suggesting it to me. At the time I was signed to a record label and I was hating the music videos that were being made by them for my songs. Then a friend who had a band, and had heard me critiquing these music videos asked me if I would direct a music video for them. At first I wasn’t sure, but I had also been making the EP and single covers for my own releases as well as the friends band, and he said, we have an okay budget for you to work with, and we trust your eye, so I said yes. And from then on, the art of music videos is something I started to think about a lot more.