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Learn Every Step That Goes Into Producing Pop Music For Paid Projects And Artists


A Start-To-Finish Pop Production Course

Learning how to conceptualize, produce, write and mix a pop record can seem like a daunting task. Learning how to harness those production skills into gaining paid production projects can be even MORE difficult!


In this 14.5 hour, 76 lesson course, observe and learn how Austin Hull handles a paid production project for a mock artist from start to finish.

This course will dive into everything that being a professional producer entails, including:

  • how to communicate with artists

  • how to write contracts and invoices

  • understanding and utilizing project references

  • producing the song from scratch

  • writing lyrics and vocal melodies over the instrumental

  • vocal engineering and editing

  • vocal production

  • mixing and mastering

  • and more. 

The course also includes materials such as templates for contracts, invoices, project references, project revisions, and more. It also includes all of the session files, samples, and presets used in the session. 

Enrolling in Producer Principles 101 also grants you access to an exclusive community where you can share your song based on the production brief, ask questions about the course, and get exclusive content such as tips, live streams, and more.

Enrolling in Producer Principles 101 grants you lifetime access to the course, the community, and all of the course resources and downloads.

Price: $500 (Includes Lifetime Access For Exclusive Community and Follow Up Content)

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What does this course include?

76 Instructional Videos and Lessons

14.5 Hours of Exclusive Instructional Content


Project Files, Stems, & Multi-Tracks To Follow Along and Practice With


Samples and Synth Presets From Song We Make In This Course

Mock Client Production Brief


Freelance Production Contract Template


Client Revision Template

Consultation Call Checklist And Tips

Project Deliverables Checklist For Paid Projects


Exclusive Discord Group For Course Discussions, Feedback Live Streams, and Regular Q&As


Exclusive Follow Up Content Accessible Through The Discord Community


Topics We Discuss:

  • Getting Started With The Course

  • The Process of Booking a Paid Project

  • Handling Contracts and Invoices

  • Using and Understanding Client References

  • Finding The Perfect Chord Progression For A Song

  • Expanding Chords Throughout a Song

  • How to Program Synths From Scratch

  • Blending And Layering Synths To Create Huge Soundscapes

  • Mixing and Manipulating Synth Presets To Add Character

  • How to Track Guitar DI With Minimal Equipment

  • Dialing in Pop Guitar Tones From Scratch

  • How to Program and Arrange Pop Drums

  • Processing & Layering Drums To Add Depth and Impact

  • Using Percussion Loops To Add Movement To A Song

  • Manipulating Dynamics Throughout a Song To Create Interest

  • What To Know When Tracking Vocals

  • How to Tune and Time Align Vocals

  • Mixing Pop Vocals With EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, and More

  • How to Arrange Huge Pop Vocal Stacks

  • How to Mix Background Vocals, Harmonies, and Adlibs

  • Creative Vocal, Synth, and Drum Mixing To Create Texture In A Song

  • Mixing a Pop Song To Release Ready Standards

  • Mastering a Pop Song To Commercial Loudness

& Much More!

Meet Your

Austin Hull 

Producer, Mixing Engineer, Songwriter, Owner of Make Pop Music

Austin Hull is a music producer, mixing engineer, songwriter, and musical artist based out of Orlando, Florida. He has worked on over 1,000 paid projects and has garnered over 190 million streams on projects he's worked on over the past 7 years. Austin also owns and operates Make Pop Music, a company and educational resource that has helped hundreds of thousands of producers, artists, and engineers over the last 5 years. Make Pop Music releases weekly content on YouTube with over 200,000 subscribers, runs a Facebook group of 30,000 members, and has worked with the top audio companies in the world including Cubase, Auto-Tune, Slate Digital, Baby Audio, Eventide, and many more.


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listen to the song we make in this course

Producer Principles 101 Song Example
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  • Are your samples royalty free?
    Of course! All of our samples are 100% original, and they are completely royalty free. You are free to use them however you want! You cannot resell or redistribute our samples.
  • Is there any free stuff I can have?
    You want some free stuff? We got you. Just click on the "Freebies" tab at the top of our site, pop in your name and email to unlock the page, and enjoy!
  • Do you offer a refund?
    Since our products are digital downloads and are delivered immediately, we do not offer refunds on sample packs, preset packs, and MIDI packs. If you accidentally duplicated a purchase or have a unique circumstance, please reach out to so we can handle your situation individually. Please see FAQ for Producer Principles 101 for the course return policy.
  • Do you provide audio services?
    Make Pop Music does not offer services such as mixing, mastering, production, or graphic design. HOWEVER, Austin Hull, the owner and operator of Make Pop Music does take personal clients. You can find his information on his website in the footer of ours!
  • Can I be an affiliate?
    We are accepting affiliate offers! If you would like to be an affiliate of Make Pop Music, just reach out to us and we can discuss details!
  • Where can I join the community?
    Easy! Just join the Make Pop Music group on Facebook! We would love to have you!
  • Can I submit a blog post or a video for the YouTube channel?
    Yes! The whole goal is to feature content from members of our community. The more, the merrier! To submit something for our consideration, just use the blog submission form on our contact page!


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