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Can I submit a blog post or a video for the YouTube channel?

Yes! The whole goal is to feature content from members of our community. The more, the merrier! To submit something for our consideration, just use the blog submission form on our contact page!

Are your samples royalty free?

Of course! All of our samples are 100% original, and they are completely royalty free. You are free to use them however you want! You cannot resell or redistribute our samples.

Is there any free stuff I can have?

You want some free stuff? We got you. Just subscribe to our pop box, in the footer of our website, and recieve an e-mail every month that has assorted goodies! This can range from samples, presets, exclusive tutorials or blog articles, discounts for products, and more!

Can I be an affiliate?

We are accepting affiliate offers! If you would like to be an affiliate of Make Pop Music, just reach out to us and we can discuss details!

Is FTMI and Make Pop Music the same thing?

Nope! Full Time Music Industry, FTMI, is a seperate company started by Austin Hull and Daniel Grimmett that is a monthly subscription service to recieve samples, courses, and more. All of the Full Time Music Industry products, videos, and information on Make Pop Music is just borrowed from our partner company! FTMI is currently closed for enrollment.

Where can I join the community?

Easy! Just join the Make Pop Music group on Facebook! We would love to have you!

Do you provide audio services?

Make Pop Music does not offer services such as mixing, mastering, production, or graphic design. HOWEVER, Austin Hull, the owner and operator of Make Pop Music does take personal clients. You can find his information on his website in the footer of ours!