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Make Pop Music started as a small idea from a guy who just wanted a community to share his love and curiosity about pop music with. Now it has developed into a major online resource for producers, songwriters, engineers, and musical artists interested in pop music all around the world.

Austin Hull, founder and owner of Make Pop Music, has been in love with music since he was a child. He grew up playing guitar, drums, piano, and singing in bands. He developed a love for producing when he was 18, and he started producing hard rock and metal music. His interest in genres outside of metal bloomed and he began to fall in love with pop music, pop productions, and the music business outside of the metal scene. This is when he noticed there were no online communities or resources for underground pop music. So he made a Facebook group on a whim on a random night in 2014. Fast forward a couple years, and now the community has turned into Make Pop Music, which currently boasts over 30,000 members on Facebook, 200,000+ subscribers on YouTube, and a community that spans every single country in the world. 

Make Pop Music recognized the lack of education, community, and resources for underground pop, so we figured, "why not make it?" Over the past several years we have built our community and our reach, while making sample packs, courses and tutorials, and developing relationships with artists, producers, and brands. Make Pop Music has huge goals and ideas for the future, and we are excited to open up this new chapter for the community, and the business. 


In addition to running Make Pop Music, Austin is also a professional producer. Austin has worked on over 1,000 paid projects over the past 7 years ranging from small, independent alternative artists all the way to label headed pop projects.

Make Pop Music is now owned and operated by Austin Hull, original founder, and his wife, Miranda Hull, project manager and marketing. The brand reaches far beyond them, however, with collaborations, guest content, and networking that features hundreds of other producers and artists.

Austin Hull

Founder, Owner, Content Creator
Austin Hull is a producer, songwriter, and graphic designer based out of Orlando, FL. He is a professional producer and has worked on over 1,000 paid projects over the past 7 years.


Austin also has a bachelor's degree in education and wants to bridge his passions of education and music to deliver content through Make Pop Music for aspiring producers, writers, and artists.


Miranda Hull

Project Manager, Content Editor, Marketing Director
Miranda Hull is the project manager, content editor, and marketing director for Make Pop Music. Miranda has helped grow Make Pop Music from a small Facebook group into a sustainable and thriving community and marketplace.


She has a bachelor's degree in marketing with a minor in digital marketing from Florida Atlantic University. 


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