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How to Work Remotely with Artists and Clients

A Comprehensive Guide To Producing, Co-writing, and Engineering Remotely

Written By: Austin Hull



My name is Austin Hull and I’m a music producer, songwriter, and mixing engineer based out of Orlando, Florida. I have been working full-time and remotely for 4 years and have worked with hundreds of artists all over the world. I own and operate Make Pop Music with my wife and we have built this company to run entirely online. I’m telling you all of this because this article will dive into some of the things I have learned about running a business remotely, including the dos and don’ts of operating a remote business, tips and tricks to help connect with artists from a distance, and ways to discover supplemental income. We will dive into some of the methods and techniques I have found work effectively, the tools I use to keep projects organized, options for creating new streams of income remotely, and some things to keep an eye out for.

Finding Artists To Work Remotely: