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Written By: Nicholas Di Lorenzo

Songwriters, artists and creatives are always trying to push the envelope, discover and create, how you go about this has a direct impact on your engagement with your fans and others. The following three questions are ones I feel all creatives should ask themselves to help them develop greater understanding, direction and clarity in their creative endeavors.

As a mixing and mastering engineer, understanding and empathizing with artists and their intent is a critical part of my job. I often find myself asking these questions to creatives who are answering them for the first time, and after some discovery through these questions can unlock new insight and opportunity for themselves to connect their music with their listeners.

Who will this music impact, and how will it make an impact?

If you aim to please EVERYONE, you end up pleasing NO ONE at all. CONTEXT IS KING, and knowing who your creativity will serve and how it will serve them will allow you to identify critical aspects of your music, songwriting and production to focus on.