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The Anderson Pack

The iconic drum tones of the 60s and 70s funk, soul, motown, and R&B records have been revered for decades. However, we noticed a serious lack of dynamic, realistic, mix-ready kits that really do the style justice, which is why we made The Anderson Pack! Inspired by the Silk Sonic project, The Anderson Pack delivers amazing drums and percussion for any record within the realm of soul, R&B, funk, and lofi.

The Anderson Pack contains 2 full kits (777 and Smoking) with shells, cymbals, and a shared section of percussion. Every single element was live tracked and pre-mixed by Tomas Shannon, and we have made sure that every element is completely velocity sensitive. It all adds up to over 440 samples and you can DEFINITELY feel the attention to detail when you play with these kits.

We also included 136 live tracked loops, fills, and grooves! These span across 4 styles and tempos, and they are AMAZING to drag and drop into your session, cut up for drum breaks, or stack on top of your programming for a perfect live feel!

We have made both kits and the percussion section available in 6 kit formats. We have a custom Kontakt interface made specifically for this pack, but we also have the pack available as kits for Groove Agent, Logic Sampler, Ableton Rack, Trigger2, and we included the individual samples for drag and drop playing! 

The Kontakt interface includes a home page with an FX module that allows you to add 4 inserts of compression, EQ, saturation, plate reverb, and limiting to each individual kit piece! We also have a page with a full mixer for leveling and multi-out routing! We took it a step further and even added a custom key mapping page so you can save and load your favorite key maps for YOUR programming preferences! 

Pack Details:

2 Kits With Shells and Cymbals

  • 777 Kit

    • Kick

    • 2 Snares

    • 2 Rims

    • 2 Toms

    • Hats (Open, Closed, Foot Pedal)

    • 2 Crashes

    • 2 Rides


  • Smoking

    • Kick

    • Snare

    • Rim

    • 3 Toms

    • Hats (Open, Closed, Foot Pedal)

    • 2 Crashes

    • 2 Rides


Percussion Section

  • 13 Percussion

    • Snaps

    • Claps

    • Bongos

    • Tambourines

    • Triangles


449 One Shots

  • Each kit piece contains 3 velocities, and 5 unique hits per velocity


136 Loops

  • 39 Fills

  • 42 Grooves

  • 55 Perc Loops


6 Kit Versions:


  • Kontakt 6 Kit - This kit features a home page with an FX section to add up to 4 custom inserts per kit piece, a mixer page for leveling, panning, pitch adjustments, and routing, as well as a key mapping page to alter, change, save, and load your preferred key maps! REQUIRES KONTAKT FULL VERSION. WILL TIME OUT AFTER 15 MINUTES WITH KONTAKT FREE PLAYER.

  • Groove Agent Kit - We made this pack available as a kit for Groove Agent SE5. The Groove Agent kit is loaded with multi-velocity pads!

  • Ableton Rack - We provided Ableton Rack kits for both kits and the percussion elements so you can use The Anderson Pack natively in Ableton 11!

  • Logic Sampler - We provided Logic Sampler kits for both kits and the percussion elements so you can use The Anderson Pack natively in Logic!

  • Slate Trigger2 TCIs - We wanted engineers and mixers to have a use for this pack, so we included multi-sampled, full velocity TCI files for the shell pieces of both kits that can be loaded into Trigger2!

  • Drag and Drop Samples and Loops - We included all of the samples and loops as high quality WAV files so you can drag and drop them into any DAW or drum sampler that can load WAV samples!


In addition to all of the file formats, we have also included an exclusive video series to help with product installation, using each kit version, and bonus videos on how to program and mix realistic drums with The Anderson Pack. Enjoy 80 minutes of bonus video content!



Tomás Shannon - Drummer, Drum Engineer, Sample Mixer, Sample Organizer

Moises D Bello - Kontakt Instrument Programmer

Scott Robinson - Ableton Rack Programmer

Andrew Fredrickson - Logic Sampler Programmer, Logic Sampler Tutorial

Isaiah Prather - Trigger TCI Programmer

Keegan Meiring - Ableton Rack Tutorial

Miranda Hull - Project Manager, Creative Consultant

Austin Hull - Head of Production, Groove Agent Programmer, Percussion Engineer

*Neither The Anderson Pack, not Make Pop Music share any official affiliation with Anderson. Paak, Bruno Mars, or Silk Sonic. This pack was simply inspired by their project, but all samples, files, and images were completely created by and delivered by Make Pop Music.



The Anderson Pack

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