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[Manual + Mechanical] A collection of fresh and edgy sounds for modern music creators who aren’t bound by genre and like to get f**king weird.


Making Tastemaker was a blast! We covered drum sets with t-shirts and rattles, dropped things and yelled, carefully sampled vintage synths and then processed them abusively. To put it lightly… This pack is eclectic. Created in multiple spaces from Nashville, TN to Charlotte, N.C. with friendly people who love making awesome music. The result was magical.


In this loaded pack you’ll find kick ass lo-fi synth sounds from the 80’s and key basses from the 60’s that are ready to be dropped into a sampler, spread across your midi controller, and made into hook-worthy melodies. You’ll find one-shot samples from both legendary drum machines and Frankenstein acoustic kits played by humans. Robots and humans? Yes! Finally, the best part is the 100+ loops (handmade by producer Christian Fiore) that bring all of the sounds together into ready riffs and patterns for your songs.


Loops, drums, synths, bass hits, fills, vocals, drop effects, and more.


Analog, mechanical, magical. 


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