Sour Candy
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WE DID IT! We finally made a multi-sampled, full velocity drum kit inspired by the amazing drum tones found in modern punk inspired pop records! We partnered up with Tomás Shannon to bring you our most extravagant drum kit yet! Sour Candy contains one shots, cymbal loops, drum shell loops, drum fills, clap loops, and tambourine loops. But more importantly, Sour Candy contains a fully sampled, velocity sensitive drum kit in 5 kit formats! We have a kit available for Kontakt 6, Groove Agent SE 5, Trigger 2, Ableton Rack, and Logic Sampler!

We spent a ton of time getting perfect drum tones, getting enough samples that we could deliver a kit that allows for realistic programmed drums, and partnering with developers to bring you functional kits in formats that work for any producer!

This kit works perfectly on many different subgenres of pop including Pop Punk, Alternative Pop, Retro Pop, Surf Rock, Pop Rock, and more!
Pack Details:

The Kit:
1 Kick
2 Snares
Rim Hit
3 Toms
Hi Hat
3 Crashes

228 One Shots

  • Each kit piece contains 3 velocities, and 5 unique hits per velocity


132 Loops

  • 68 Drum Loops
  • 64 Cymbal Loops
  • Loops are available in 145, 155, 165, and 175 BPM


5 Kit Versions:

  • Kontakt 6 Kit - Our first fully customized Kontakt kit. This kit features onboard FX such as saturation, reverb, and filtering. We also have a detailed mixer page that allows you to control FX, volume, routing, and loop menus for each specific element.
  • Groove Agent Kit - We made this pack available as a kit for Groove Agent SE5. The Groove Agent kit is loaded with multi-velocity pads.
  • Ableton Rack - We provided a custom Sour Candy rack for Ableton users! Simply load the Sour Candy Rack preset to get this full kit available in your DAW! 
  • Logic Sampler - We provided a custom Sour Candy Sampler for Logic users! Simply load the Sour Candy Sampler preset to get this full kit available in your DAW!
  • Slate Trigger2 TCIs - We wanted engineers and mixers to have a use for this pack, so we included multi-sampled, full velocity TCI files for every kit piece that can be loaded into Trigger2!


In addition to all of the file formats, we have also included an exclusive video series to help with product installation, using each kit version, and bonus videos on how to program realistic drums with Sour Candy. Enjoy 50+ minutes of bonus video content!

Tomás Shannon - Drummer, Drum Engineer, Sample Mixer, Sample Organizer
Moises D Bello - Kontakt Instrument Programmer
Scott Robinson - Ableton Rack Programmer
Andrew Fredrickson - Logic Sampler Programmer, Logic Sampler Tutorial
Isaiah Prather - Trigger TCI Programmer
Keegan Meiring - Ableton Rack Tutorial
Miranda Hull - Project Manager, Creative Consultant
Austin Hull - Head of Production, Groove Agent Programmer, Percussion Engineer

Sour Candy

$40.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • Delivered as a digital download

    Windows 8+
    macOS 10.9+
    5GB of Free Hard Drive Space
    To Run Kontakt Instrument: Kontakt 6.6.1
    To Run Groove Agent SE Kit: Groove Agent SE 5
    To Run Ableton Rack: Albeton Live 11
    To Run Logic Sampler: Logic Pro 10.6.3.
    To Run Trigger TCIs: Slate Trigger 2.1

    Includes a full product manual



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