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Producer Principles - Indie Rock & Alternative

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What is this course?

A Start-To-Finish Indie Rock & Alternative Production Course Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a track like artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo, Wallows, Bleachers, Maggie Rogers, and more? In this course, Austin Hull shows you how to conceptualize, write, produce, engineer, edit, mix, and master an Indie Rock song in the style of all of those artists! In this 16.5 hour, 47 lesson course, observe and learn all of the skills below that Austin demonstrates throughout this course: - understanding and utilizing project references - producing an Indie Rock / Alternative track from scratch - recording and editing live guitar and bass - programming guitar and bass with realistic MIDI instruments - dialing in guitar and bass tones from scratch - programming and mixing life-like drums - mixing live drums recorded by Steven Rutherford from joan - writing lyrics and vocal melodies over the instrumental - vocal engineering, editing, and tuning - vocal production and creative vocal fx -mixing an Indie Rock / Alternative song from start-to-finish in the box -mastering an Indie Rock / Alternative song and more. ​ The course also includes materials such as the project brief, lyric sheets, revision submissions, and more. It also includes all of the session files, multi-tracks, and stems from the final song that Austin creates in this course. To go a step further, Producer Principles - Indie Rock & Alternative also includes drum samples and presets for plugins used throughout the course. Austin even created some exclusive samples of Steven Rutherford's live drum kit that can only be obtained through becoming a member in this course. Enrolling in Producer Principles - Indie Rock & Alternative also grants you a free personalized mix / production feedback video from Austin. Once you complete the course, you can submit your own song to Austin for a detailed critique.




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