Pop Production Series

Enjoy this 10 part series that shows how Austin Hull produces an electronic pop song from start to finish. This course is over 3.5 hours and has the project samples, presets, stems, and Cubase session so you can follow along! This video shows you how to produce in the style of ZEDD, Grey, Marshmello, & The Chainsmokers. This series includes:

Video 1 - Finding the Chord Progression
Video 2 - Creating the First Verse
Video 3 - Creating Pre Chorus 1
Video 4 - Creating Chorus 1
Video 5 - Creating Verse 2
Video 6 - Creating Pre Chorus 2
Video 7 - Creating Chorus 2
Video 8 - Creating a Bridge
Video 9 - Creating the Final Chorus
Video 10 - Project Recap and Finalization

Listen to the song we will make here!

This course has been in our Ultimate Bundle, and All Courses bundle since February! If you have purchased the bundles in the past, you do not need to purchase this course!

Pop Production Series

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