Dad’s Kit

Extremely punchy and thick rock drums are here! 

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Enjoy this free multi-sampled drum kit that nails the contemporary rock and metal sound! These samples were engineered by Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, Attila, & More) and Austin Hull of Make Pop Music at The Audio Compound. All samples have been lightly mixed by Austin Hull, but still have plenty of room to play with in terms of processing.

This pack includes:
150+ Samples
Presets for Groove Agent

Presets for Kontakt and Battery

Multi-velocity samples of - 

Ludwig Black Beauty Snare


DW Performance Series Shells

  • Kick
  • 2 Rack Toms
  • 2 Floor Toms


DW Pancake Drum


Assorted Cymbals from Sabien, Wuhan, Meinel & Zildjian

  • 16 In Crash
  • 17 In Crash
  • 18 In Crash
  • 19 In Crash
  • Alternate Hi Hat
  • Hi Hat
  • 14 In Filter China
  • 18 In Holy China
  • 19 In Large China
  • Large Zil Bel
  • 21 In Ride
  • 10 In Splash
  • 11 In Splash
  • 12 In Splash
  • Zil Bel
  • Alternate Zil Bel


Recorded at The Audio Compound by Andrew Wade and Austin Hull

Dad's Kit




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