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Why Artists MUST Sell Merchandise

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Written By: Austin Hull

Making money as an artist isn't easy. Sure, you can make money from people purchasing your music or streaming it, but it's not always enough to live on. Let's discuss an easy way to make extra income as an artist without breaking the bank.

It's not secret that making a substantial living as a musical artist is a huge challenge. Especially in an era where sales have trickled and streaming payouts are generally low, and the market is becoming more oversaturated every single day. I see artists every single day pouring thousands of dollars into releases, only to see $53 in sales come in from that song from their distributor. I will make a whole different post in the future on how to capitalize on streaming platforms to make some actual bread as an artist, but right now I wanted to talk about something even more crucial for artists, selling merchandise. Next to touring and playing shows (and possibly even more so), selling merchandise is the number one way to make some revenue as a small artist. But not only will it get your some extra cash, it is also free publicity for your brand. Let's chat about merchandise.

Merchandise gives you the ability to capitalize on your brand, pull in some income, create a stronger fanbase, and scale your business faster than you can imagine.

Selling Merchandise