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Improve Your Focus When Songwriting, Producing Or Working On A Mix

Written By: Nicholas Di Lorenzo

Having a hard time focusing on your projects? Procrastinating? Here are tips and tricks on how to help you focus better on your work and make the most of your time.

It's 3 pm, you sit down to finish that last mix before you wrap up and head out for dinner, 10 minutes in you look up at the clock, it's 3:10, another 10 minutes go by, it's 3:20 what FEELS like another 10 minutes go by, it's 5:30, you need to be at dinner by six and your last two hours have been a mishap of poor focus, procrastinating and not being clear of mind.

We've all been there, and the real turning point which allowed me to avoid situations like this hasn't been any system inside the studio or how I've gone about my job, regular breaks or any of the regularly prescribed "methods". My remedy for poor focus has happened in everything I do OUTSIDE of the studio.

The ability to focus and be clear of mind directly correlates with our output, the quality of our output and most importantly creating great music.